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The shape and form may be imitated,
but the technology and tradition cannot be imitated.

More on Kangfood noodles?

As a master skill derived several thousand years ago by the Tongdosa Temple of Korea’s Kokuryo dynasty in ancient China, this master skill was handed down from Shilla to Japan in the sixth to seventh centuries. The traditional secret of hand-pulled noodles was handed down and developed by Mr. Heetak Kang from Japan, who created today’s scientific method of producing Kangfood’s special noodles.

The method of producing Kangfood’s hand-pulled noodles results in quality noodles. Each noodle is pulled with care and devotion after a process consisting of eight maturity stages among twelve steps using Kangfood’s unique flour, unlike the standard machine-made or handmade noodles.

Kangfood’s hand-pulled noodles are high in protein and are easily digested. They are also chewy, and their texture can be maintained over a long period of time.

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